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1st Class Full Service

by: Karyn Murphy

Managing Broker and Owner


KamBri Realty, LLC 

Helpful Downloads for 

Home Sellers

Seller’s Guide

More Money, Less Hassle.

The time has come to strongly consider putting your property up for sale. What are the steps you need to take to ensure a smooth transaction process? I’ll help guide you through the selling process. Allow me to find reliable buyers with a good credit score, and negotiate a price that meets your financial interests while ensuring a fast and efficient transaction.

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I will have you an
offer for your home in
90 days or less or it's
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You do enough, keeping your home "Showing Ready", when we are getting ready to close on your home, I'm going to treat you by getting your home cleaned for the final walk-through!

Wondering What's In It For You?

Everything I do, I do for you.  I create new ways that I can make your life and the selling process as easy and stress-free as possible.  I take the job of selling your home very seriously.

With EVERY listing, you will get the following (below) and a customized marketing plan created just for you and your selling goals. 


For the detailed list from start to finish, what you get when you list with me, please fill in the form below.  





My goal is that you are so impressed and can clearly see how much I value you and your business are to me, that you keep coming back.  I can only achieve this by giving you as much quality service as possible and by keeping current with my education to better service you daily.


How would you like to meet?


We can have our initial meeting on a Zoom, Skype or Facetime and talk.  You can interview me.  I can find out your goals and based on our conversation, create a customized marketing plan of action to fit your selling needs and wants.  During this meeting, you can walk around your home and show me it.  This will give me a good idea on the upgrades, condition and help me put together a list of suggestions for you to do to get your home in order to sell.  If you like me, we will book a live meeting.


In a couple days you will receive a pre-listing package.  This includes useful information, tips, papers for you to fill out, for example, the things you love about your home.


Please note, there is a ton of work that goes on behind the scenes.  If you would like the complete list, please fill out the form below and I will get it to you ASAP.




-I research homes that are for sale or sold, including homes on the MLS, For Sale by Owner, Tax Sales and Distressed Sales. From here I also look at the homes that are on the market (your competition) and come up with a market value*; never inflated to get your business.  You will receive a marketing range, and based on your goals, we will decide where in the range will best fit your needs.  Here is a partial list of thinks I do for you.  






☐ WALK THROUGH HOME.  Take measurements, write in detail about each room, emphasizing on upgrades, special features, unique items….


☐ Take note on suggested improvements that will help with the sale of the home.  This includes, staging, de-cluttering, cleaning…. (I am a certified Home Stager so this will be a one-step process)


☐ We go over your home selling goals, that we previously discussed on our video meeting.  We also discuss the current market, suggested marketing price (and how I determined it) and your customized marketing plan, to ensure your selling needs will be met.  We sign the listing papers and I give you my Communication Guarantee.


☐ At your table, we create the list of things to do before the Professional Photographer arrives.  This could be as simple as moving a couch to another wall or packing a few items away.  From your selling goals to the items that need to be taken care of, we determine a good time to have your home go LIVE on the MLS. 




☐-We create a Punch List*


☐-You tell me your favorite things about your home (pre-listing package)


☐-I take note of schools and neighborhood attractions (pre-listing package)


☐-I take a few pictures of my favorites that I think are unique or a selling point


☐-I take down names and ages of items such as Roof, Furnace, Air Conditioner, Appliances….(pre-listing package)


☐-I take notes for a feature list* if applicable (pre-listing package)


☐-You supply me with a time frame that the Punch List will be completed


☐Your Net Sheet is created to give you an estimate of what you will receive after you have closed on your home.


☐With the information I received and gathered, we put your home on the MLS ☐Private network – this helps create excitement with Brokers who have clients who would like a home like yours. 


☐I edit the pictures I had taken and create 3 targeted pre-listing campaigns on 3 different social media sites.  This way we cover all age groups. I create an excitement and collect interested buyers info.


☐When you give me the “I’m ready”, I send you over the listing contract, order the Professional Photographer and Yard Sign to be delivered.


☐You let me know how and when you would like updates on what’s going on with your home.






☐-I meet the photographer/videographer at your home.


☐-Set up a lockbox on your door


☐-Set up your (800) 24/7 info/picture phone number


☐-I teach you how to have your home in “Showing Ready” condition


☐-We set up your showing rules and how you would like to be notified


☐-I book your showing rules in our Showtime booking service (24/7 appointment service)


☐-An appealing description of your home is created.


☐-A feature list gets created and uploaded to the MLS


☐-Your MLS listing gets created, double checked for accuracy, make your home for sale live and Listing Syndication* starts


☐-3 Videos are created for 3 different types of marketing.


☐-Marketing Flyers are created


☐- Marketing Flyers, Brochures and Postcards are ordered.


☐-Agents who have clients looking for a home like yours are contacted.


☐-Your neighbors are contacted to see if they know anyone who is interested in moving into the neighborhood


☐-Your listing is sent over to review and let me know if you wanted any changes


☐-A bulletin goes out to my company and our “Friendly Companies*” to let them know to start advertising your home.





☐-You receive “Live Feedback” (when I get it, you get it)


☐-You are updated on what is happening with the marketing and anything else we need to talk about.


☐-If we don’t get an offer within 28 days, I (not you) offer an agent bonus (out of my pocket)


☐-When we receive offers, I call bank and qualify the buyers before calling you.


☐-We then discuss our plan.  We accept or negotiate until we have an offer you are happy with. (I have a way of negotiating where you don’t get hit hard with the inspection)


☐-I keep in constant contact with the bank to make sure everything is moving along as it should be


☐-Inspection and appraisal are set up


24/7 Private Communication Site that lets you know what's going on, when it's happening and what's coming up. 

2 not 1, Property Websites

1-888 number, for 24/7 Adverting

and so much more.

When we are Clear to Close (CTC) your lawyer and you will set up the title company and closing day!




*Punch List or Honey Do List – Is a list of minor or inexpensive things you can do  that will get your home ready to sell by either uncluttering (I like to call pre-packing), neutralizing (to get a larger buyer market) and staging.


*Market Value – The price that the current Buyers are willing to pay for a home in a certain area.


*Listing Syndication – All the websites that will receive your home’s information (Like Zillow, and hundreds, if not thousands more.  

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